Below are some FAQs that I have experienced in the past. Please feel free to contact me with anything else that isn’t answered below.

1. Do you take commissions?
Yes, I do take commissions for custom abstract work only. See the custom inquiry page for more info.

2. How can I be the first to know when new paintings are available? The best way to find out about work that I’ve added is to follow me on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to my email list at the top of this site.

3. Do you sell prints of your work?
My paintings are one-of-a-kind and I do not currently offer prints of them.

4. What medium do you use?
My paintings are primarily acrylic paint, accented by gold/silver leaf, and ink.

5. How can I purchase a painting of yours?
If you’re interested in a particular painting, send an inquiry to me using the painting’s title. I will then give you information necessary to go forward with a purchase.

6. How can I see your work in person?
If a painting is currently on display in a store or gallery, the location and info will be linked to that particular painting in my online gallery.