Now That We’re Here

March 10, 2016
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March 10, 2016 Kylie

It’s been a whole week now since we arrived in Colorado, our new home for a while. I feel fresh, I feel free, and I feel myself slowly letting go. The need for control over every moment is beginning to fade, even quicker than I had imagined. Throughout our long drive out here, I felt the anxiousness of this move come to a head. The fear of leaving my comfort zone manifested itself deep in my stomach. I felt as though a rubber band stretching all the way back to Rockford, had wrapped itself tightly around my waist, and with each hour on the road, became tighter and more uncomfortably tense. I knew with every bit of my brain that I was going in the right direction, but the pull of home still had a grip on me. We stopped in Omaha, NE for the night to cut our trip into two days. I came to a realization this night about this rubber band concept… I realized that although the love and connection will always remain, I cannot allow for the tension to pull me. I had to mentally and emotionally cut the tension, and consciously step into the journey that I had chosen.

My fear of uncertainty lied low in my gut, but I soothed the discomfort with deep breathing, as well as talking out my feelings with Dalton.

I shifted my focus from dwelling on what I was leaving behind, to imagining the beauty that was ahead.

It’s insane how much we cement ourselves into a routine and smother ourselves in comfort of familiarity. I am saying this because I felt it firsthand as I tried to let it all go. Letting go is difficult in so many respects. Letting go in a creative sense is tremendously difficult as we try so desperately to control the outcome. The same goes for our life circumstances. Of course, it’s great to plan, and to be logical and safe about our life decisions. Dalton and I have put much thought and planning into our financial stability and our plan for our future, yet we strive to have loose reigns on the way that it all comes into our reality.

“As far as I can tell, it’s just about letting the universe know what you want and working toward it while letting go of how it might come to pass.” – Jim Carrey

Throughout the last week, we have explored our surroundings just a bit. We’re staying in a town called Westminster, nestled just 11 miles outside of Denver. The mountains are just miles out the back window, and the sun shines so bright here. It’s incredible what these mountains can do for ones perspective. It’s almost as though I can feel their massive power and wisdom surrounding me throughout the entire day. Just knowing they’re there, is a constant reminder of just how beautifully insignificant we all are. Seeing the mountain tops dance with the clouds brings my attention to the sky and my wonder to the universe beyond.

I have felt bursts of creativity that are almost uncontrollable. Not having a studio has even felt a bit freeing… I now feel that I can paint, sketch, create, anywhere, as opposed to only in one designated area. I’m currently working on a custom table top as a standing desk for Dalton, and we are SO excited about it that we went out and bought three more! So, in the next week or two, I will be creating a few more table tops that will eventually find their new homes here in the Denver/Boulder areas.

I certainly miss my routine of Body Flow class at Peak back home, but I’ve found the lack of exercise routine a bit refreshing as well. Instead of using this as an excuse to not move my body, I have allowed it to become an excuse to move my body anywhere at anytime. There are plenty of classes out here that I have and will continue to take part in, but I can stretch out anywhere! We all can!

The two incredible individuals we’re staying with are both retired, just like us! 😉 So, this works out quite well. We start our days with a walk in the early morning, a green smoothie and sometimes some butter coffee. We sit in the backyard or kitchen and talk about big ideas, the meaning of life, and share stories of each of our life experiences. We make frequent trips to the health food grocery stores just down the road including Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Natural Grocers. It’s been so fun to experiment with new ingredients and try out different clean snacks as well as introduce them to the couple, Char and Jim, that we’re staying with.

The four of us are committed to being as active as possible in a pursuit of happiness, health, and clarity. It’s a beautiful time of each of our lives.

I am so excited about life, and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Our plan as of now is to continue to nourish our minds and bodies with nutrients, new information, and experience. With each day that passes, I will continue to work hard, listen to my gut, and follow my inspiration and interests wherever they may take me.