A 12-Week guided journey through self-love, empowerment, and authentic self-expression.
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If you’re feeling a bit disconnected (or maybe very disconnected) from who it is that you truly are, then you're not alone.

We are all so incredibly busy getting things “done” and caring for others that we often ignore our own needs and our soul’s cry for love and connection.

Many of us know we should be eating better foods, speaking more honestly, expressing ourselves more freely, feeling more energy, moving our bodies more frequently, and loving ourselves a whole lot more.


Eating healthier can be overwhelming, taking time to care for ourselves can be easily pushed to the side, and slowing down to simply breathe can be the most difficult of all.

My name is Kylie Lewis and I am here to help you begin (or continue) this powerful journey of self-love and true authentic living.

What does it mean to live authentically? Living authentically means choosing your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions in any given scenario. It means saying “NO” to what you don’t want, so that you can say “YES” to what you truly desire. Living authentically means tapping into your inner voice so that you can hear what she really wants, and then being brave enough to share that truth with the world.

Living authentically means not living to please others… but instead, living to please yourself (what many might refer to as selfishness) all the while, knowing that this practice of filling yourself up first will only result in your ability to truly overflow your love into the lives of others.


In this 12-WEEK program, I will walk you step-by-step through the entire process.

1 (short) VIDEO per week of myself introducing you to the week’s specific area of focus.

Clear action items / assignments set you up for success. These include but are not limited to weekly writing exercises, meditations, practices, interviews & podcasts to listen to.

Gain exclusive access to my Facebook community. This community will be exclusively offered to the individuals enrolled in my 12-Week program.

LIVE Facebook Chats keep you on track. Each week, I will go LIVE in our private Facebook group to discuss the course with all of you and provide accountability along the way.


You feel that there is so much more to life, but you’re not sure how to access it.

You are wanting to build a strong internal relationship to yourself so that you can feel more confident, connected, and alive.

You are tired of feeling busy, overwhelmed, and under fulfilled, and obligated.

You are wanting to refuel, reconnect, and revitalize your life’s energy.

If you can relate to ANY of this… if your soul is a little bit more excited about life just by considering the opportunity for freedom that this course represents…



WEEK 1: TAP IN. TUNE IN. TURN ON. Learn to hear your inner voice and what she really needs.

WEEK 2: MASTER THE MIND. Become less emotionally attached to your external environment, focus your mind, and ultimately choose your feelings.

WEEK 3: CLEAN EATING. Learn how to simplify and optimize clean eating by learning the basics of what foods are helpful & what foods are harmful to your body.

WEEK 4: MOVEMENT. Learn to view “exercise” and movement in an entirely new way and begin to implement this new understanding right away.

WEEK 5: RELATIONSHIPS. Begin to navigate your relationships and communicate your true feelings more effectively in order to relieve anxiety and create more freedom.

WEEK 6: CREATIVITY & SELF-EXPRESSION. Rediscover your soul’s passions, and begin to express them in order to feel more vibrant and alive.

WEEK 7: OVERCOMING YOUR PAST. Acknowledge & process your past so that you can let it go and finally move forward.

WEEK 8: CREATING A NEW YOU. Let go of who you currently are so that you can begin creating an entirely new version of yourself.

WEEK 9: FEMININE POWER. Reconnect to your feminine power so that you can relax and trust the unfolding of your life.

WEEK 10: GRATITUDE & CELEBRATION. Practice celebrating now, and feeling grateful now, so that you can fully enjoy the journey of your life instead of waiting to reach a certain destination in the future.

WEEK 11: OWN YOUR WORTH. Learn to say “no” to what you don’t want, and start saying, “yes” to what you truly want and deserve.

WEEK 12: SOUL SHIFT. Take the most important step of all… Commit to actually implementing these practices into your life so that you can make a real change, a real shift, and become the real you.


Once you have purchased this course, you will receive an email to confirm your purchase & welcome you to the course.

You will then be added to the private Facebook group to begin connecting with the other women that have enrolled and will be joining you on this journey.

On Sunday, September 3rd, the course will officially begin. That morning, your Week 1 video & assignments will be posted to the private Facebook group and will be there for you to begin whenever you may choose.

Each following Sunday morning, your Weekly video & assignments will be posted to the group for you to dive in at your convenience.

These weekly LIVE chats will last approximately 30-50 minutes & will involve a recap discussion about the week that has passed & I will answer any questions regarding the specific area of focus for that week.

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I am SO excited to be by your side as you ignite this fire inside and embark on what will be an endless journey of abundance, love, joy, and true, authentic confidence in the powerful woman that YOU ARE!