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What is a live wedding painting?

I, artist Kylie Lewis, will create a painting live during your wedding reception for you and your guests to enjoy.

On the day of the wedding, I will paint as wedding guests arrive to the reception and continue painting throughout the evening. Most of the painting will be created live at the event, so that you and your guests can be entertained by the creation process. After the wedding, I will bring the painting to my studio where I will finish it.

After the final touches are complete, you will receive a preview of your painting by email. At that time the painting can be shipped, delivered or picked up for you and your family to appreciate for many years to come. Prints and other products such as phone cases and fleece blankets can be made of the finished painting as a keepsake for family and guests.

How do we choose a topic?

The design for your painting will be discussed and determined prior to the event.

I will ask you to choose a color scheme that either coordinates with your wedding colors or possibly matches a particular room in your home.

Next I will have you determine a size.

Finally, the best part… I will ask you and your partner to decide on 7-10 items to include in your painting. These items can include but are not limited to:

•Special dates

•Favorite animals

•Sports teams

•Vacation spots




What is the cost?

Prices for event painting will vary depending on size of canvas chosen, as well as traveling expenses. Base costs without travel will range from $500-$1,000. Your final cost will be determined prior to any payments and further arrangements.

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