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January 2, 2016
January 2, 2016 Kylie

Stories. We each have one. Most of us even believe the stories we tell about ourselves. Some of us believe them so strongly that we begin to allow the details of our particular story to dictate what we do and don’t do in our lives. And here’s where it gets interesting…

Most, or I guess I can be optimistic and say “some” of us, don’t like where our story has brought us. It’s pretty obvious when most conversations lead to “I hate my job” or “if only I could win the lottery”, “I wish”, “easy for you to say”… We are constantly complaining about our circumstances as though someone forced us into the life we’re living. We want to point a finger, so, we blame our story.


How many times have you heard someone say, or said yourself, “Well, I was raised this way”, “Look at my childhood, what do you expect?”, “I’ve always been like this”, “I’m not athletic…”, “I’m not the creative type…” etc., etc., etc.

Notice, there’s a trend. The excuses that we come up with for being anything less than optimal are all based on things that have happened in the PAST, and seem to be out of our control. This means we are living in the PAST as well as denying responsibility for our own lives. We are living in our “story”, not in the freedom of the present moment. Rarely do we stretch ourselves outside of the character description we’ve created for ourselves in these stories. You tell yourself, and other people, that you’re good at certain things, and bad at others, completely restricting yourself from growth based on how you’ve performed in the past.

Now. I must state two very important facts before I go on…

1. Learning from your past or your story can be extremely beneficial and is the very essence of life experience.
2. Life can be very, truly difficult and may cause you to believe that you have the best excuses.

Learning from your past is completely different from living IN your past. You must take tools and lessons from your experiences as opposed to holding onto negative feelings, traits, habits, and beliefs that no longer serve you. THIS is the hardest part. It is comfortable to stay in your story. If you’ve been holding onto any negative habits, or focusing on negative thoughts and feelings for quite some time, you’ll find it extremely difficult to let go of these things. You’ve paved paths in your brain that are now automatic ways of thinking for you. It takes extreme focus and dedication to pave new paths for yourself in order to shed yourself of these old thought patterns and create new, positive, constructive habits, but it’s the only way that you will become a better version of yourself and get closer each day to living the life that you truly want to be living.

I encourage you to take a good, conscious look at the story that YOU have unconsciously created for yourself, the character YOU have designed, the limits YOU have placed on yourself based off of past experiences and perceptions, and CHOOSE to take responsibility. There is no need nor benefit to feeling regret or guilt for lost time. You have done this accidentally. You’ve unconsciously done this, and it’s time to let go.

Don’t point any fingers. It’s no one’s fault. But now, it is up to YOU and no one else. It is necessary that you let go of any blame, resentment, shame, or guilt from your past in order for you to take complete control of your life, now.

Just like all of you, I have created a story of my own and I have allowed it to hold me back and restrict my growth in many ways. By sharing my story, I hope to shed myself of any negativity that I may be holding onto, consciously move forward while taking complete responsibility for who I am today, and hopefully inspire all of you to do the same…

Welcome to “Coming Clean”…